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How to Pay


Payment methods and procedures

1. Paypal & Credit Card

Paypal is the easiest way to offer international credit card payment services from anywhere in the world.
Trust in your transactions in the easiest, fastest and safest way.

2. Wire transfer

Payments, money orders and international shipments from bank to bank between countries.
Wire has always been a simple and safe way to resolve payments from your bank to our bank.

3. USA Bank

Easier payments and procedures, bank transfers enabled in the USA
Remember that you must to comply regulations for import and acquisition when merchandise enters or transits USA.

4. UAE Bank

Do you have a bank account in UAE?
Bank Payment Line enabled in UAE ..
You can make procedures and payments simple and fast.
We are closer every time.
Coming soon to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.

5. Western Union

For smaller payments, or personal transactions, payments via Western Union are comparable as long as Western Union allows it in your country.

6. Bill of Exchange & Commercial

Bills of exchange are applicable to those regular exports, or by DHL courier regime, or compatible export regimes provided that all government certificates and authorizations for import via interbank are accredited.

7. Formal Bank Exports

In formal exports (exports by regular regime), export clauses can be applied via bank: bills of exchange, letters of credit, and other banking instruments.

8. Customer Credit

We have designed a credit system for our clients contanstes and faithful. We invite you to apply.

9. Agent Credit

This service is reserved for our representatives and agents abroad. If you want to qualify, please contact us:

10. New Methods proposed and enabled for international Export Payments

You can propose houses specialized in international money orders & payments, bills of exchange, bitcoins or the payment method.. the most convenient for you. Our foreign trade sector will do the best to research and add the proposal payments for your purchase.