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Most selling products in middle east ¿?!

Most selling products: depends the interests .. seller and market .. and we are going to talk about the interests of the Middle East

in the Middle East something curious happens to me, there are many products .. there is a constant anxiety to find new products that work ..

then this generates a constant search for products .. there is not much to find, basically they are the same drugs with different names, diferent labs, and some mix..

Some products become famous because they give results, but they all really work and the success depends on several factors and good use. the chemistry really is simple.

There are three types of clients:

1º) positive results: those who know how to use the chemical to obtain results

2nd) random results: they use products and sometimes get results

3º) Negative results: those that do not obtain results

the one that generates positive results generates tendency and possibly when the friends discover that it uses, a product becomes famous.

the one that has random results, is indecipherable and often seeks to change the product for thinking that a product stops working

the one that obtains negative results, possibly is looking for and always buying new products to try without getting results ..

this generates a boragine.. a whirlwind of searches to find the saving product, the one that makes win!!, and the real thing is that the chemistry in the sport must be well used, and controlled.
There are no myths, there is work to conscience and good use. However, there is a tendency in the Middle East to put aside professional advice and many famous products become famous for the wrong reasons.
The winners know it well, and try to keep these beliefs and myths, encourage and maintain this is essential for the majority not reach and not generate positive results in other competitors .. because that maintains an economic circle that suits few..

the most famous products, are commonly very simple chemical products that sell expensive and make them famous the big distributors ..

I can tell you what is more they ask of me, and what is it for me to sell … and it´s in their hands to receive this information knowing everything I said..

I have already talked about the need to use the chemistry in 2 well-marked stages:
I recommend this article that I have written: “how to start”

first stage: pre season with preparation and empowerment of aptotudes: speed, power, strength, resistance.

Second stage: in the race season, just use the chemistry to obtain a small differential with routines / courses that basically include: example 1 stimulant + 1 oxygenator + 1 pain reliever + extras (hormonal, recuperators, etc)

but there must also be a basic supplement that must be well managed by a professional.
and if you need help I can advise you.

(but you need to keep in mind that your veterinary professional must be present and must know how to use the products)